La Boulangere Long Life Brioche Tressee / Plaited Brioche

If you you served these broiche at Manchester United’s changing room during the times when Sir Alex Ferguson was coach, guess what his reaction will be? He will be giving you the hairdryer treatment.

This brioche looks nice. The portion is bigger than any other brioche out there. When you tear and bite into it, the texture is just like how you expect a good brioche to be. The difference is when you smell it a bit and take a bite. There’s this chemical smell which I cannot seem to identify.

Reading through the ingredients, it seems to say there is natural flavourings, which contains alcohol. What!? How can you put alcohol in bread without making it clear that it contains alcohol. Is it even legal? I actually gave some of these to my kids. Thankfully, they hated the smell of it. But back to the review. Even knowing that it has alcohol, I’m not sure what alcohol they added. Because it doesn’t even smell or taste right. It’s just weird.

I ended up throwing the whole thing away. What a waste.

So if I was Sir Alex Ferguson, I would have definitely given the caterer the hairdryer treatment. Not so much for the foul-tasting bread. But because he serve alcohol to my players during a match!

Made in France. Bought from Singapore.