Leibniz Butterkeks / Butter Biscuits

Do you know what biscuits do they serve on the spaceships in Star Wars? Perhaps these Leibniz butter biscuits. They are thinner than the rounded rich tea biscuits, roughly the same thickness as the rich tea fingers. However, these ones by Leibniz softens very fast when dipped in tea or Milo. They are better eaten neat than dipped in hot drinks.

Now, in the spaceships in Star Wars, they often travel at light speed or get involved in roller-coaster dog fights. So having tea is not a typical past-time for neither Darth Vader nor Luke Skywalker. Hence, they would need a biscuit that is best eaten alone, and most likely, not dipped in hot drinks. Eureka! These Leibniz biscuits are made for just that. Ahh… it all makes sense now.

Made in Germany. Bought from Singapore.