Lotus Haw Flakes

Attack of the Haw Flakes!

If you lived in the Asia Pacific region, it’s likely that you have tried haw flakes like the one in the picture below. It’s made from Chinese Hawthorns, a small red berry that grows on trees.

The Haw Flakes brand of haw flakes is so widely know that the brand name is synonymous with the name of the snack. A bit like Hoover or Dyson for vacuum cleaners.

So if another brand wants to enter the haw flakes market, they need to come up with something big. Oh boy they did, literally. These Lotus brand haw flakes are big, really big.

I took one out. Closed my eyes. Opened my mouth really big and took a bite.

May Day! May Day! I was in the army, defending my country from attack from the evil haw flakes empire. A new wave of haw flakes attack drones are on the way.

The previous waves were made up of small little haw flakes. To defeat them, we just have to bite them. The little ones was easy and can be eaten in one bite.

However, this new wave was different. These were huge! I took a bite. It tasted like normal haw flakes. The texture was also similar. I looked up and there was a lot of it left. I took another bite and another and another. It took me about five bites to finish one.

This is tough but I had to fight to the end. I started biting another one. By the time I finished the second one, I was exhausted. A third one arrive. Oh no! I cannot bite anymore. I am defeated!

I opened my eyes. I liked the bigger size as there’s more of it to bite. But trust me, it takes some effort to eat one.

I bought this using my own money from Popular Bookstore, Singapore. Yes, you read it right, it’s a bookstore selling food.

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