Lucky Old King Cole / General Mills Lucky Charms

These days, kids cereals are getting more and more sophisticated. Simple corn flakes that are coated with sugar simply doesn’t meet the mark any more. The norm seems so be oat cereal with marshmallows in the shape (and colour) of rainbows, unicorns and other storybook characters. Just like this General Mills Lucky Charms cereal.

I added some milk, closed my eyes and crunched it.

I am Old King Cole and I am a merry old soul. I called for my pipe, I called for my bowl and I found some kiddy-coloured stuff in my bowl.

“What is this?”, I shouted at my servants. I am the king and I do not want these silly looking stuff in my bowl. I have been merry all my life and this is the first time I have been so angry.

“Give it a try, Sire. You’ll be merry.”, my servant replied.

“You better be right or else this will be the most un-merry day in my life.”, I said.

I had a mouthful. Ooo… This is a mixture of circular oat cereals and colourful little marshmallows. The oat cereal taste normal, crunchy and not very sweet. The marshmallows however, is very colourful, sweet and squishy. For an old king, this is way too sweet.

But what’s happening? I’m feel very merry. I feel like a kid again. Must be the colourful and sweet marshmallows. They are fun. Brings out the inner kid in me.

Well, Old King Cole is still a merry old sole.

I bought this using my own money from NTUC Fairprice, Singapore.

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