Mamee Monster Noodle Snack

What to do if chased by a monster? Eat this.

If you spent your childhood in Malaysia or Singapore, you would have heard of Mamee Noodles. The concept of this noodle is so simple but it’s surprising that no many competitors have attempted to copy it.

The recipe is super simple. Take the crunchy noodles from instant noodles, take the flavouring packet from instant noodle and that’s it. The consumer would pour the flavouring into the noodle, crush the crunchy noodle into smaller bite sized pieces and eat it like a snack. It’s a bit like having whisky neat, where you drink it without adding water.

Which is what I did. Then I closed my eyes and took a bite.

Ahhh!! There’s a great big blue furry monster chasing me! I ran for my life as fast as I could. However, the monster was much faster and caught me up in an instant. He then pinned me against a tree with his massive big blue hand. I tried to wiggle myself out but he was too strong.

I can see his mouth opening. Oh no! Please don’t eat me!

“Do you want to try some Mamee Monster Noodle Snack with Hainanese Chicken Rice Flavour?”, he said.

“W… What??”, I replied still feeling scared, but more confused and surprised by the question. What monster would ask such a weird question?

“It’s my new invention. Hainanese Chicken Rice flavour.”, he said.

“I… I… Okay”, I obliged in fear that he may eat me if I don’t.

He let go of me and took out a packet of Mamee noodles from his pocket. I didn’t know that monsters have pockets under their coats. Well, I know now. He added the flavouring and crunched up the noodles. He then poured some in my hands.

I ate the whole handful.

The flavouring tasted like the rice of the chicken rice but it tasted very artificial and was too salty and spicy (of ginger). For those unfamiliar with the taste of Hainanese chicken rice, it tastes a bit like rice cooked with a chicken stock, garlic, ginger and pandan leaves. The noodles itself was crunchy and is the same as the standard Mamee noodles.

“How does it taste?”, the monster asked.

“Err… Okay… I mean, good… Kinda good… Not bad…”, I replied. Although in reality, it was way too salty and strong. I didn’t like it at all. But for fear of my life, I had to be a bit diplomatic.

“I think the flavouring can be tuned down a bit. Especially the salt level.”, I continued.

The monster then took out an iPad from his other pocket. Wow, monster have really big pockets. He typed in something. He then looked at me and said, “Thanks for the feedback.”.

I replied, “You’re welcome”.

I was given this by a relative, who bought it in Singapore.

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