Mandailing Estate Coffee Wild Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak or Civet Cat Coffee or Cat Poop Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. One cup can fetch up to US$35 – 80. Is it worth that much? I won’t know because I certainly won’t spend so much money on coffee, even if it’s made of gold. Actually, gold coffee is not even that expensive.

So how would I be able to write this review if I won’t spend so much money on coffee? Turns out that the price is not that crazy if you guy it in Indonesia, where it’s made. Still expensive, but not crazy and reasonable enough for me to part with my money.

So? It’s actually very good. The coffee taste is very strong and robust, with great aroma. But at the same time, unlikely most strong coffee, it is not bitter and the taste of coffee does not linger in your mouth any longer than necessary. And a few hours later, it does not have the after effects of normal coffee caused by the caffeine. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Whether it’s worth the cost? At the price I bought it, yes. At the price in most overpriced boutique coffee shops, definitely no.

Made in Indonesia. Bought from Jakarta, Indonesia.