Mannan Life Grape Konjac Jelly

The French used it to make wine. The Japanese used it to make… konjac jelly!

Konjac jelly is made from the corm of the Konjac plant. The flower of this plan is dark purple and looks pretty impressive. See the picture below.

At this point, most people would go “Wow! What a beautiful plant!”

But the part that is used to make the jelly is the corm (or to most people, the root). See the next picture.

At this point, the same people would go “Eww! Have I been eating that all these time!?”

Looks aside, konjac jelly, or konnyaku in Japanese, is a favourite in many parts of Asia. Konjac jelly by itself is tasteless so flavouring is normally added to it.

In this case, grape flavouring is added. The taste of the grape flavouring is like most Japanese grape flavoured drinks. The jelly itself has a chewy texture, consistent with most konnyaku jelly.

Overall, a pretty standard offering. Except the grape leaf shape of the jelly container. This may sound geeky but this peculiar shape actually makes peeling the top cover much easier than the round or square shaped ones. Worth getting it just to try out my theory. Don’t forget to tell me your experience in the comments box below.

Perfectly peeled top cover thanks to the unique shape!

I bought this with my own money from Don Don Donki, Singapore.

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