Mason & Co Bittersweet Chocolate

I received this chocolate bar from a friend who loves her food. Most of the stuff she brings for us is very good and special, so I have high expectations of this. This is the Mason & Co 75% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate bar. Where (which country) is this from? That’s something I want you to guess. The answer is at the end of this post.

I broke out one small rectangle, closed my eyes and popped it into my mouth.

I was a builder. My current job was to build a house. In this world, instead of using bricks, we use chocolate bars. Yes, this is actually very practical because when there is a famine, you can simply eat your house! During a war, when the enemy have us surrounded, we can simply eat our house for food. Clever huh?

I was laying up the chocolate bars. Oh, this end bit has a weird shape. I need to cut it. Unlike bricks, it’s much simpler here. We just bite it into shape. See, very practical, right?

I bit a triangle off. Now, the best part is nothing goes to waste. We would simply eat the unwanted chocolate. Mmm… This Mason & Co chocolate is good. It has a high cocoa content, which makes it bitter. However, some sugar has been added to make it slightly sweet. It’s the right balance of bitter and sweet. Very pleasing for both people who like and hate dark chocolates.

I need to get more of these. I am sure my customers will like to build their houses with these. When there’s a famine, they can at least look on the bright side and enjoy some good chocolates. I looked at where it is made. Belgium? Switzerland? USA?

No, it’s India.

This was a gift from a friend who brought it back from India.

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