Masters of Dance / Bottega Moscato Rose

Wow, what a shiny bottle! That was my first reaction when I saw the bottle. Forget about what’s inside, the shiny bottle itself makes me want to try this.

I popped the bottle, closed my eyes, took a sip.

And another sip…

And another…

Until I had one too many sips.

I was sitting at the bar. My eyes were slightly blurry after drinking all night. It’s almost time to go home. Suddenly, the volume of the music got gradually louder. It is playing some kind of dance music. Reminds me of the can-can style of music that one would hear at Moulin Rogue.

Wait… What’s happening? The bottles of shiny pink sparking wines is shaking.

Wait… They are not shaking, they are now jumping on the spot.

Wait… They are not jumping on the spot, they are jumping around the bar top in front of me.

Wait… They are not just jumping, they are dancing! Dancing the can-can!

One of them suddenly popped her cork and the wine shot out. All the bubbly wine landed straight onto a champagne glass right in front of me. When it filled up, she popped her cork back in to stop the flow.

Oh my… Is this a dream or am I drunk? Well, one should not waste wine. I raised the glass and sipped the wine. The wine has the sweetness and fragrance of a moscato. The colour is a unique golden with hints of pinkish. The bubbles make it feel a bit lighter. Overall, it is a nice wine.

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang! I looked up and all the dancing sparking wines have popped their corks. The wine shot out of all of them straight towards me. Oh no, run! Oh wait, one should not waste wine. What should I do?

There’s only one solution…

I opened my mouth wine and let all the sparking wine flowed straight into my mouth!

This was a gift from a relative, who bought it from Singapore.

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