Matcha Stick Crackers

This looks a bit like long beans, doesn’t it?

From far, this looks like long beans. From near, this also looks a bit like long beans. Take a bite and it’s something else.

Introducing Nishio’s matcha crackers. I was expecting this to be salty, but on first bite, it was sweet. The texture was like normal rice crackers, a bit hard but very crunchy.

However, there is a problem. Where’s the matcha taste? The package clearly states matcha but there’s no matcha taste.

I ate a few more sticks and the answer slowly reveals itself. The taste of the matcha comes out very slowly and subtly. The matcha taste like good quality matcha and not the cheap artificial flavourings.

With the slight sweetness, this matcha crackers taste quite good. Would have been better with slightly stronger matcha taste.

I bought this with my own money from Don Don Donki, Singapore.

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