Mr. Bean Pure Oxygenated Water

Houston, we have a problem.

First it was carbonated water. Then flavoured water. Then alkaline water. Now it’s oxygenated water.

Let’s not get confused with carbonated water. The gas that is added is different. Oxygenated water adds oxygen into the water.

I opened it, closed my eyes and took a sip.

“Rocket Alpha to earth station. We have a problem. We are running out of oxygen.”

My team was on a mission to Mars. Unfortunately, the oxygen tank had a leak. We are now running out of oxygen.

“Captain, I have an idea. We can use these oxygenated water for oxygen.”, said my co-pilot.

“Good work, Lewis.” I took one bottle of oxygenated water and drunk it all.

“Lewis, it’s not working. I still can’t breathe. There’s not enough oxygen in this bottle.”, I said angrily.

“Captain, your body takes oxygen from your lungs. The water that you drink goes to your stomach and intestines, not your lungs. I’ll use the oxygen extraction machine to extract the oxygen from the water and add it into the air. Give me a few minutes.”, he replied.

Oh my! How stupid of me! You can’t breathe through your stomach.

“Oh, Lewis. You’re a genius!”

After a few minutes, I felt the oxygen in the air again. We are saved! A disaster avoided.

Onwards to Mars.

I received this as a gift from my friend. It was bought from Mr. Bean, Singapore.

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