M&S Bakery Broiche Rolls

I have always loved broiche. It’s slightly sweet, soft and most important of all, buttery. And these little broiche rolls are the perfect little afternoon snack, that can be eaten naked (it means by itself without anything, not the state of the eater). Waitrose makes good examples of these, but M&S is not far behind.

I have not eaten these for a long time. Taking a bite into these certainly brings back the memories of the first broiche rolls I had many years ago. However, these days, it doesn’t seem to taste as nice any more. Perhaps my taste buds have changed. Or perhaps there are more competition from those amazing Japanese bakeries that makes equally great soft, sweet and butter bread. But don’t get me wrong, these are still good, just that it doesn’t tickle my taste buds as much as it used to.

Made in the UK. Bought in Singapore.