M&S Blackcurrant Sundae

When we talk about blackcurrant, the one thing that comes to mind is Ribena. There’s a little known blackcurrant drink called Vimto, which students from the the University of Manchester would know of. Then there are these occasional blackcurrant products, like this M&S Blackcurrant Sundae.

The word “sundae” is really confusing because there is no ice cream involved here. The nearest thing that resembles a sundae is the ring of cream on the top. To me, it looks more like an egg tart with blackcurrant instead of custard.

Taste-wise, the blackcurrant is very extremely sweet and tangy. The crust is crunchy and buttery. The cream ring is creamy, but you’ll need to leave it out of the fridge for some time before eating, of else it’ll taste a bit like butter.

Made in the UK. Bought from M&S, Singapore.