M&S Iced Party Rings

Look at the amount of icing on the biscuits! It’s almost as thick as the biscuit itself. This must be super sweet and not healthy for kids, especially their little teeth!

As I took a bite, my teeth was shrieking with horror. They were shouting, “No!!! Don’t let me sink into this sugar pit!!! I’ll melt!!!”. As they sink into the icing, they melted. I was left with no teeth and an expensive visit to the dentist.

Which was not what happened. Surprisingly, the icing was not sweet at all. It added a slight touch of sweetness to the biscuit. In fact, I was so mentally prepared for it to be super sweet, I ended up feeling that it’s not sweet enough. Most importantly, the nice looking icing made the biscuit massively more attractive to kids. And I am happy to give my kids some of these no-so-sweet icing biscuits.

Made in the UK. Bought in Singapore.