M&S Rich Tea Biscuits

I love biscuits that are round. A circle is a shape. Circles are round. A circle is a shape that doesn’t have any corners or angles. A cylinder is basically a prism made out of many 2D circles. I recently learned that from my teacher. Now I am very smart. Now I have to choose a school. Most school crests are inside a circle. But not all. I love circles! Yaaah!

Rich tea biscuits come in two shapes. Round and the long ones, which are called fingers. The fingers are better for dipping because they can fit nicely into the teacup. Round ones are a bit more difficult. Either you need a wide cup, or you need to bite a bit off before dipping.

My all-time favourite rich tea biscuits are these ones from McVitie’s. They are amazing and moreish. Are these ones from M&S as good?

Not really. These ones are just as crunchy and not as sweet. But somehow, they do not taste as nice, especially after dipping. It’s probably the difference in the malt used to make the biscuit.

Made in UK. Bought from M&S, Singapore.

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