M&S Tarte Aux Framboises

Framboises or as some would wrongly pronounce it, frem-boy-sirs, is French for raspberries. Raspberries is the perfect fruit to make tarts, due to it’s slightly sweet and slightly tangy flavour. And oh boy, these tarts fully covered in raspberries with a nice crunchy and buttery base looks amazing.

But does it taste amazing?

The instructions say to keep it frozen, which I did. It says to thaw it for 3 hours before eating, which I didn’t. Which means it’s slightly frozen when I ate it, making it a bit of a sorbet tart. Which was interesting, because it’s not a tart, but it is somehow nice. Just like sorbet!

The second time, I thawed it a bit longer. This time, I think I overdid it. It was a bit too soft and soggy. I realised the 3 hours suggested thawing time is probably for winter, not for a tropical country where it’s summer for as long as summer existed.

Ignoring my mishaps, this tart was very good. The base was buttery and if not for my over-thawing, is probably crispy. The raspberries were slightly sugared and they had that perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

Made in France for a UK company. Bought in M&S, Singapore.