M&S Tortillas

When it comes to tortillas chips, the brand that comes into mind is Doritos. They are nice but it’s very salty and has too much spices. My fingers can turn yellow and smell for days just by eating a few pieces.

Hence, I was very excited when I saw these lightly salted tortillas chips at Marks and Spencers. Hopefully, it’s less salty and has less spices. We shall see…

I took one piece, closed my eyes and had a bite.

I was a sailor at the Olympics. In my event, the rule is that there must only be two sailors on each boat. That’s all. There are no other rules so anything goes. You can create waves to slow the other boats, you can try to make a hole in the other boats (although this is difficult considering they are made of fiberglass) or even eat the sails of the other boats to slow them down. Yes, eat the sails, because they are triangle and made of tortilla chips.

Which was exactly what my partner and I decided to do. We are currently in second place and the leader is just a whisker in front of us. A small hole in their sail would slow them enough for us to overtake. My partner stayed on the boat to steer it while I jumped over to the leading boat. I quickly grabbed hold of the tortilla sail and started biting as quickly and as much as I could.

These tortillas are nice. I can really taste the maize or corn used to make the tortillas. There’s a little salt, which for those who are health conscious, is just right. For those who are used to the stronger tasting chips, this can be a bit bland. The crunch is good and the thickness is just right, thick enough for a good bite but not too hard.

Before I knew it, I finished eating up the whole tortilla sail and their boat have come to a halt. My partner steered our boat to the finish line.


I bought this with my own money from Marks and Spencers, Singapore.

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