Nikka Whisky White Chocolate

Monstrous Whisky Chocolates.

Ahh… Whisky and chocolates, the pleasures of life. Put them together and you should get heaven on earth.

It’s scientifically proven that adding water with whiskey brings out the best flavours of the whisky. Maybe they have found a similar secret with this chocolate. Let’s see…

I closed my eyes and opened the individually packed chocolates.

Ooh… As soon as the air-tight packet is opened, the fragrant smell hit my nose. It’s not quite the same sensation as from smelling pure whisky in its liquid form. The smell is more like whisky plus the sweetness of white chocolate.

As I took a bite, I found myself next to a lake and surrounded by high mountains. Wow, I am having whisky in the Scottish Highlands! What more can you ask for? For an added bonus, I might even catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster.

I took another bite and I see a man walking towards me. I better prepare my Scottish slangs!

Wylcome. A’m gled tae meet ye.

I heard a faint reply broken by the wind. I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. As he walked closer, I heard him more clearly.

Wait a minute! That’s not Scottish. He’s speaking Japanese. And he looks Japanese.

I took out my GPS. I’m in Japan! Hokkaido, to be precise.

Of course! I looked at the packet of the chocolate. The label reads Nikka Whisky. Yoichi – Miyagikyo Distillery, which is based in Japan. BTW, Japanese whiskys are pretty good these days.

Suddenly, I heard a loud trembling noise. It’s coming from under the lake. A humongous creature appeared from underneath the water.

Oh no! I was hoping to see the Loch Ness Monster but it’s not. I’m in Japan! It must be…



A relative gave this to me as a gift. He bought it from Hokkaido, Japan.

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