No Brand Butter Cookies

What do you do when you cannot decide on your brand name? Well, simple. It’ll end up having no brand. Yes, literally, it’s called ‘No Brand’. These are butter cookies from Korea. And you can tell that their makers have zero creativitiy because this biscuit is called ‘No. 2’. I guess they couldn’t think of something more exciting like Pee Cola or Vergina.

Opening the box, one would expect biscuits nicely laid out like those classic Danish biscuits. But no, they look like below. Each individually packed.

The taste of the biscuits is nice and crunchy. But it’s not butter-y, but more margerine-y type of taste. It more like the Marie biscuits that you find in Asia and less like the European Danish biscuits. The size is slightly small, not as big as you would expect. But there’s a lot in one pack, about 8-10.

I bought this from Fairprice, Singapore.

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