Northern Star Cherries

Great big cherries for a great big mouth.

Of all the fruits in the world, the cherry is the one that fascinates humans the most. The fascination starts from the time the tree flowers. In Japan, viewing cherry or Sakura trees at it’s full bloom is a nationwide event.

The fruit itself is used in multiple phrases. From the good, to the bad. Even in video games, the cherry is used probably more than any other fruits.

It’s cherry season and I was lucky enough to get hold of a box of the biggest cherries that I have and most of you have ever seen. The Northern Star Cherries from Canada.

I took one, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I was standing inside a video game. My head was like a ping pong ball, rounded and yellow. I had a great big mouth, presumable to eat something. Around me, there were various pathways with little white balls. I supposed I had to eat these things with my great big mouth.

I start walking to eat those white balls. Mmm… They taste nice. A bit like Mentos. Oh, look at this one, it’s almost as big as me. I ate it and it was the most amazing thing I’ve eaten in my life. I felt like I have super powers.

When I turned the corner, I saw this cute little ghost running away from me. It looked a bit cute, must be nice to eat! I chased it down and ate it. After eating, I saw a cherry appear along the pathway.

Wow, this cherry is big. It’s the biggest ice seen, ever. Let me take a picture with a coin next to it to so that you can appreciate how big it is.

I grabbed the cherry and took a bite. It tasted amazing. It’s sweet and have a solid taste of cherry. The texture is soft and crunchy, like how a cherry should be. This is the most amazing cherry I’ve ever eaten.

I need to find more. Look, there are more ghosts there. I bet I’ll get more cherries by eating these ghosts.

Hmm… Odd. The previous one was blinking but these are not. Well, I bet the cherries are just as tasty. I ran towards them, open my mouth.



I bought this using my own money from Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, Singapore.

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