Organic Rooibos Nectar of Nature

Rooibos, or Redbush tea, is a tea from South Africa. It has a strong unique herbal taste to it. Unknown to many, some tea can have as much caffeine as coffee. The worse being black tea and Japanese matcha. This rooibos tea however, is claimed to be caffeine free.

The taste of this Nectar of Nature rooibos is good. It has that unique strong herbal taste, as expected from rooibos.

One question lingers though. Does it taste better with or without milk? Generally, western tea is better with milk. The classic being English breakfast, which for me, has to have milk (otherwise it’s impossibly bad to drink by itself). But this is a herbal tea, which generally goes well without milk.

Hence, I tried it with and without milk. Without milk, the herbal taste is strong and is the only flavour present. With milk, the herbal taste has to fight with the milk taste of the limelight. For me, if the quality of the tea is good, I prefer to not mix it with another taste. Hence, I prefer it without milk.

Product of South Africa. Bought from Singapore.

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