Potion of Eternal Youth / East Ocean Golden Piglet

These cute little piglets are normally given out to kids during mooncake festival. The adults receive mooncakes and kids receive these little piglets.

I closed my eyes and took a bite.

I was in the deepest jungles of South-Western China. I was on a mission to find the potion of eternal life for the emperor. We have been searching for the last five years, tasting every single plant in the jungle but we have not come to anything close.

Ah, there’s a village. Let’s go see if they have any knowledge of this illusive potion. We asked to meet the village elders.

“I am here on behalf of the emperor. My mission is to look for the potion of eternal life.”, I declared to the village elders.

“Yeah! This is so exciting! I love it! I love it!”, the village elders replied.

Hmm… This is weird. They are all over 80 years of age but they act and speak like 10 year old kids. Something is wrong. I signaled to my army to be prepared for an ambush.

“No potion of eternal life. No, no. But but but… you want to be young? Take this potion!”, continued the village elders in their childish talk. They handed me a little piglet shaped cake-like biscuit. The skin on the outside looked similar to a mooncake. It’s shaped into a beautiful piglet with two little eyes made of chocolate.

I took it with both hands. Is this real? Or is this a poison. Well, anything, including my life for the emperor. I took a bite.

The skin is thick and a bit chewy. There is some dry bean paste in the inside. The bean paste is slightly sweet but overall, the whole biscuit is quite plain. Not exactly something that a kid would naturally like to eat.

“Yeah! I love the cutie cute cute biscuit! Woohoo! Let’s play food fight!”, I blurted out. Huh? What did I just say? That was not me. That is me when I was a kid!

I cannot remember where I got this from.

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