Purple Sweet Potato Chips

The purple sweet potato is actually a yam. Yam and sweet potatoes are very different species. However, in the supermarkets, these two terms are often use interchangeably, hence causing confusion.

The picture of the farmer on the packaging caught my eye. He looks quite happy. Well, they say happy farmers make happy food and I ended up buying it.

I closed by eyes and took a bite.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself standing in front of a room with a wooden door with no handles. To get into the room, I had to break the wooden door. The texture of the chips is like the wooden door. It’s thick and takes some effort to bite into.

I broke down the door by biting hard on the chips. Then, I found myself in a room filled with life’s greatest pleasure. The sweet potato tastes sweet and robust. Full of natural flavours and no hints of any artificial sugars. Amazing!

Back to reality, I wish the chips was cut a little thinner to make it easier to bite. However, the taste is very much worth the effort.

I bought this with my own money from Don Don Donki, Singapore.

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