Raspberry Fizz

Check out what the Fizz this is all about.

The main reason I bought this Rococo Bee Bar White Chocolate was the word “Fizz”. According to the description, it has popping candy.

Wow! What is popping candy? I have no idea, but the name sounds cool. Must be something that burst or explodes in the mouth.

This is gonna be cool. I’m not going to close my eyes for this because I don’t wanna miss it. I broke a piece and threw it into my mouth.

Here we go!

The pattern of the white chocolate bar was nicely designed. There was a bee pattern on top, although I think it looked more like a wasp. The taste of the chocolate was good. Nice and creamy and not too sweet.

Hold on! I think I can feel something on my tongue. It’s a hard piece of something. I suspect it’s the raspberry pieces. This must be it, the “Fizz!”. I breathed in and bit on it.

Hmm… It felt just like dried raspberries. I took a few more bites. Yes, it tasted and felt just like normal dried raspberry pieces.

The “Fizz” must be something else then. I waited and waited. There were more pieces of dried raspberries but that was all. I have finished the whole piece but there was no “Fizz”. No popping candy, whatever that is.

Well, just another oversell from an over-achieving marketing department.

I bought this using my own money from Habitat, Singapore.

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