Red Bean Soup with Cereal

Making red bean soup is a bit of a dilemma. Do you cook the red beans until it’s very soft? I prefer it very soft, the Cantonese way, but there’s a downside is that the texture is very squishy and it’s missing the crunch. If the bean is undercooked, there’s a hard texture, but it’s too hard. Red beans when it’s overcooked is not nice. A bit like undercooked rice.

So I have thought of an amazing solution! Cook the red beans until its very soft and add some crunchy cereal to it. Voila!

Behold the red bean soup with cereal. It tastes like red bean soup but with the occasional crunch. So it still tastes as good as red bean soup. But it has the nice texture from the crunchy cereal.


  1. Take some red bean soup.
  2. Add some crunchy cereal to it.
  3. Take a spoon.
  4. Scoop the red bean soup along with some delicious cereal.
  5. Eat it up with gusto.

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