Russian Beer

What springs to mind when I ask you about Russian beer? I would imagine something strong to warm up during those cold winters. Something dry and lager like.

And if I say it’s black beer? Well, that should be even more potent. Stronger, drier and more bitter, like Guinness. It should be almost undrinkable for the weak. Only the strongest can consume.

Which is why I took small sips when tasting this Russian beer. I took a sip and wow!

It was sweet. Very sweet, more like a fruit beer. It was light. There’s hardly any alcohol. And there’s a very strong licorice taste to it. Kinda weird for me as I’m not used to the taste.

Did I just bought a bottle of beer or Coke? I have no idea what the label reads.

I bought this from Hainan, China.

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