Salsaing till the break of dawn / Snack Day Salsa Dip

The sun shine so bright today, that it makes me feel cheery. My body wants to dance so bad it moves around and about by itself. The warmth of the sun that bathes my skin makes me crave for something fresh and hot. Then, I remember about the salsa dipping I recently bought from Lidl. After all, nothing could go wrong with the combination of juicy tomato and spicy pepperoni chili.

So I take the jar and I open it. In an instant, the aroma of crushed tomatoes with a hint of several herbs filled the atmosphere. The sweet smell of the thyme leaves, the rosemary and the chili greeting my nostrils gently. It is the exotic aroma that I am longing for.

Equipped with the nachos as my ammunition. I slowly dips them one by one into the salsa. With every dip and every bit, the flavor is exploding in my mouth. The succulent taste of the crushed tomatoes combined with the nachos, invokes the feeling of happiness. I am floating in the air.

The walls around me changed into a ball room. Everywhere becomes colorful. A mariachi band in the corner is playing my song, and the man in the mask give me his hand, signalling me to dance with him. I feel sexy and amorous. He leads the way and I dance my heart out.

We salsa dance till the break of dawn, I don’t feel tired. My body is filled with energy fueled by the salsa dipping. The feeling is sensational. The mariachi band keeps playing my song as if they can read my mind. Then the morning comes. Sadly, I know we must part ways now. Till we meet again, mystery man. Thank you, mariachi band. Till the next salsa dipping party.

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