Stinky Milk

The alarm bell rang and I woke up to a lazy Sunday morning. Took out the bottle of milk I bought last night. Yes, I was so drunk that I paid the cashier $100 for this milk. Luckily for me, she was honest and returned me the correct change.

I open the milk. Took a sip.

OMG!! What in the world is this!?! It’s so disgusting. It’s so vomit inducing. All these so early in the morning!

I looked at the bottle. Stinky milk. What?? That cashier tricked me. She didn’t tell me this was a stinky bottle of milk.

The taste is disgusting. It is like the artificial durian flavours that are more commonly added to durian ice cream. It’s a crime to add these to milk!

They should have added real durian taste to it. It would have tasted a hundred times better.

I bought this from Hainan, China.

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