Stremicks Heritage Organic Milk

Feels like bathing in a bathtub filled with milk and fragrant flowers.

For first timers living in Singapore, the thing that hits the wallet the most is not the price of cars or alcohol. It was the price of good quality milk! Even if I was willing to spend the money, getting good fresh milk in Singapore was as difficult as finding rubbish on the streets.

Until now.

Like most things in Singapore, this milk is expensive, very expensive. It comes in a huge half a gallon carton (1.89L), which makes you wonder if you can finish it before it spoils. Indeed you can, because this to be one of the best fresh milk that you can get here.

It’s hard to describe, but drinking this milk feels like bathing in a bathtub filled with milk and scattered with fragrant flowers. Yes, it’s as good as that.

Until of course, when you find out the price. At which point, you’ll be running out of the bathroom naked in disbelief.

I bought this with my own money online from Amazon Prime. Yes, my wallet hurts.

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