Sugar and Spice Pineapple Tarts

Why are pineapples called pineapples? The pine part makes sense because it looks like a pine cone or a fruit from a pine tree. But the apple part? No idea. Why are pineapple tarts called pineapple tarts, and not pineapple cakes? The pineapple part makes sense because it is made of pineapple. But the tart part? No idea.

These sugar and spice pineapple tarts are from Taiwan. This is very similar to a previous one from Thye Moh Chan. I though the Thye Moh Chan ones are normal. So are these better?

The pastry is a bit flaky. There’s not a lot of flavour to it, fairly normal. The pineapple filling in the middle is a bit chewy, but there’s not much taste to it. There’s no tanginess to it. So overall, I prefer the ones from Thye Moh Chan.

Made in Taiwan. Gift from a friend.