Superpop MovieTime Popcorn Creamy Caramel

Having popcorn while watching a movie is like having Milo on sports day. With Covid-19, watching movies is mostly done at home with the help of Netflix. Thank god they invented popcorn in a packet before 2020.

So here is an example from the local supermarket. The aptly named MovieTime popcorn, creamy caramel flavour.

The taste is good. The caramel taste like good caramel and the sweetness level is at the right balance. The texture of the popcorn is roughly correct, slightly crunchy, slight squishy. However, in almost every few popcorn, there’s this skin-like thing that is too hard to be eaten. You know that brown coloured part on the inside of the popcorn. Those skin-like part that normally is a bit harder but can be eaten with some chewing. But on this, it needs to be spit out.

Quite disappointed. Almost everything was done right, but this one major problem spoilt the whole thing.

Product of Australia. Bought from Fairprice, Singapore.