Chateraise Petit Chocolat White Puff Crunch

If Philip Rosenthal from Somebody Feed Phil ate this, I can imagine him jumping and making his “this is nice” smiling face. These white puff crunch packs quite a few flavours in a nice heart-shaped chocolate. This heart-shaped white chocolate from Chateraise is nice and creamy. Then, in between the creamy white chocolate, there are …

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Chateraise Matcha Ice Cream

Making friends with aliens. At the height of matcha-mania, people are coming up with matcha (green tea) flavoured everything. Biscuits, vodka, lipsticks and even condoms. On a recent visit to a relative’s house, I was given a matcha ice cream. Thankfully it’s not one of the weird matcha flavoured items above! I opened the packet …

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