Jagabee Potato Chips

Don’t you just hate soggy chips / french fries? Some love it but I hate it. Our friends at Jagabee might have found the solution. They have created this potato chips that is shaped like chips, sprinkle with seaweed. Take a bite and even the inside feels like real chips. The outside is crispy and […]

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Huatang Yam Chips

Another vegetable based chip. This time, it’s yam. A note here. These chips are made of Chinese yam, also known as Chinese potato or Nagaimo (Japanese name). It’s not the purple yam that is more common in tropical countries. Ok, science lesson done. Let’s taste. It’s cut into small flat squares that are slightly curved

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Hmongb Girls

Let me guess. You will be asking me, “What are hmongb girls?”. I will answer, “I have no idea”. Then you will ask, “Then why did you buy it?”. I will answer, “So that I can answer your question!”. Let’s forgot about the hmongb girls for now. These are actually dried little Chinese mushrooms. There

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M&S Tortillas

When it comes to tortillas chips, the brand that comes into mind is Doritos. They are nice but it’s very salty and has too much spices. My fingers can turn yellow and smell for days just by eating a few pieces. Hence, I was very excited when I saw these lightly salted tortillas chips at

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