Taiwan Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Ice Cream

Like coronavirus, the bubble tea mania has gone into a second, third or even fourth wave. The boba or bubbles in the tea is made of tapioca or cassava flour, which contains only starch. The making of these bubbles is an interesting scientific concept, which you can read more and experiment at Scientific American.

They have now made an ice cream using those boba. And using another trendy ingredient, brown sugar. The taste of the ice cream is mostly like normal vanilla ice cream but with occasional hints of brown sugar. There is not much hint of tea to it. The texture however, is more unique. In between the cold and smooth melting ice cream are these rather big balls of boba. They are chewy and slightly bland. In my opinion, they are slightly too big relative to the size of the ice cream. I would prefer it to be a bit smaller, making it easier to ‘pluck’ off the still frozen hard ice cream.

Made in Taiwan. Bought from Singapore.