Tale of Two Biscuits / Red Velvet Oreo

Oreo. Who doesn’t know? It’s slowly replacing the word cookie. For example, instead of cookies and cream, it’s now called Oreo and cream. Even with such a dominant product, sometimes it needs to innovate to keep relevant. And this red velvet Oreo is one such attempt.

I took one cookie, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I was the judge of a food competition. The contestants were tasked to make a biscuit with a filling in the centre. It would be a blindfold judging, which means the judge will be blindfolded and judge purely on taste and texture.

The contestants were given and hour. I had to wait in a room. As a judge, we couldn’t even see the process as that would give us clues on who made what.

I heard a loud bell. That means time is up. I was blindfolded and assisted out to the stage. I sat on the judging table. It was a one versus one, so I was handed two biscuits. One from each contestant and one on each hand.

I took a bite of the one on my right hand. The texture of the biscuit was hard and crunchy. The centre filling was sweet, very sweet. I could not really taste anything else other than it being very sweet. Overall, it was nice but I would not be able to eat more than a few as it was too sweet.

I took a bite of the second one. The biscuit was crunchy. I centre filling was very sweet. It was nice. It was… was… just like the first one! It taste pretty much the same. I can’t really tell the difference. It’s it the same biscuit?

I have both one vote, which means it’s a tie. The first ever tie in a world food competition.

I took of my blindfold. I was surprised when I saw the two biscuits. One was black with a white centre. The other was red with a cream coloured centre, like a red velvet.

I bought this using my own money in Singapore.

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