Tarami Konnyaku Jelly

Grapple or Apprape?

Konnyaku jelly is made of a plant amorphophallus konjac, native to Asia Pacific. Jelly can also be made from animal based gelatin or algae based agar-agar.

For this review, I have two packets of Tarami fruit flavoured konnyaku jelly. One is apple flavoured and the other one grape flavoured.

I opened both, closed my eyes and took one bite from each.

Once upon a time, there lived Mr Apple Konnyaku and Mrs Grape Konnyaku. They were expecting their first child. They were very excited.

Mr Apple taste like Japanese apple flavoured drink but in a chewy jelly form. Mrs Grape tastes like Japanese grape flavoured drink but in a chewy jelly form. Their child, I suspect would taste like apple mixed with grape flavoured drink. Yes, you guessed it, in a chewy jelly form.

They are well prepared for the arrival of their baby. The baby room is ready. The hospital bag is packed. The post natal help organised. Everything that you can think of, they have prepared for it.

Well, almost everything. They have yet to agree on the baby’s name. Well, they are not exactly unprepared either. They are down to two names, Grapple or Apprape Konnyaku. However, after many arguments, they are still at a stalemate.

In fact, they still could not decide even when the baby was about to be delivered. At the delivery room, when Mrs Grape Konnyaku was in labour, Mr and Mrs Konnyaku was still deliberating the name. As the baby popped out into this world, they started to panic.

The doctor shouted to Mr and Mrs Konnyaku, “Congratulations! You have a pair of twins! You better start to prepare two names”.

Mr and Mrs Konnyaku looked at each other and smiled. They knew they were prepared.

I bought this using my own money from Don Don Donki, Singapore.

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