Tasting Your Boyfriend / Orange Potato Chips

These days, chips or crisps comes in many exotic flavours: Tako Octopus, Red Caviar, Spicy Bloody Mary, etc. Most of these are wild flavours that are designed to catch your eyes and imagination. This trend is actually getting a bit boring as they are no longer shocking. Hence, I was very surprised to find this orange flavoured chips. Why? Because it really catches my eyes and imagination, but it’s not shocking at all. In fact, it’s so simple and basic.

I opened the packet, closed my eyes and tried one chip.

I am a female chip. In my world, chips have hands and legs and can talk. In my world, female chips choose a boyfriend by tasting them. How? Simple. When we see a man chips on the street, we just bite a bit of them and taste. If he tastes nice, we hook up. Otherwise, we just pretend nothing happened and walk along. Yes, it can be quite painful for the guy.

Ah, here’s one. His flavour-badge says, Jalapeno. Wow, very hot! I took a bite. Argh! He’s too spicy! Water! I need water!

Oh, there’s another one. Lightly salted. Chomp! Err… too boring!

No luck so far. Here’s another one. Hope it’s third time lucky. Wait… It says orange. Huh? Orange?? Not very manly, I must say. But it’s getting late, I need to try my luck. Chomp!

Oh wow! This is amazing. There is a clear flavour of sweet orange. It’s citrus sharp and has the fragrance of orange. His texture is thick and solid, but it’s still crunchy so it’s a pleasure to eat. This is so good. I want to have more. I had a few more bites.

Finally, after all those years of searching, I have finally found the one! Wait, where’s he? He’s gone!

My girlfriend who was with me said, “You took one too many bites. Should have stopped on the first bite.”


I bought this using my own money from Don Don Donki, Singapore.

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