Tea party with Mad Hatter / Rondissimo Wafer Roll

When I went through the shelf in Aldi, the wafer rolls had caught my eyes. It has been ages since I’ve tasted one and I am looking forward to revisit the taste. This white and blue package box bearing the name Rondissimo surely pique my interest. Wondering if the roll tastes the same back in Malaysia. Without haste, I picked it up and made my payment.

As soon as I reached home, the first thing I did is to open the packet and bit through the rolls. Suddenly, I was in Wonderland. I was Alice and I just bit the cookies that makes me small. The rolls were dipped in half with 26% of full milk chocolate that contributed to the its rich taste. But both sides taste equally great. This chocolate coated crispy wafer roll brought me to an adventure I always dream of when I was a kid. Its crunchiness excited me and the sweetness of the chocolate filled me with joy.

I am Alice In a Wonderland

Carrying the rolls as my ration, I walked hurriedly to the Mat Hatter’s tea party. I was sure he would approve my choice of snack. On my way there, I met with a Cheshire Cat. Grinning at me, he asked me, “Where do you want to go?”. I told him, “I want to go to the tea party and if you would be so kind to show me the way, I would give you one of my wafer rolls.”

He showed me the way so I gave him one of the rolls. He bit and chewed it with a grin on his face, then disappear into thin air. Then I felt a nudge on my shoulder. A voice in my ears told me, “Don’t worry. I have the power of invisibility. Especially if I ate something delicious like your rolls”. Relieved that he’s going to be okay, I then proceeded my journey to the tea party.

As I reach the tea party. Everyone is waiting for me. I saw the Cheshire Cat and we smiled at each other. He said, “I told the rest about your delicious wafer rolls. Everyone is excited to try them“. The Mat Hatter chimed in, “You know what pairs well with wafer rolls? It’s tea. Tea pairs well with wafer rolls. Hence, I made tea for everyone.” True to his word, the rolls really taste well when pairs with tea. We ate the rolls delightfully.

I bought the wafer rolls from Aldi Sud in Dusseldorf.

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