Tesco Malted Milk, Custard Creams, Bourbon Creams & Nice Biscuits

Can’t decide what Tesco biscuit to buy? I’ve got a great idea – buy one of each! Or even more amazing, buy one with all of them in it. Yes, I literally did that.

Tesco has come up with this amazing idea for people who cannot decide. One pack with all four types of biscuits in it. Not so good for Crazy Food Club though. I means we need to write four reviews in one post.

Okay, let’s start with the one that is the most popular, the Bourbon Cream. It’s a chocolate biscuit with a chocolate filling. What can go wrong? Nothing. It’s chocolatey nice. Cannot complain.

The Custard Cream is similar, just minus the chocolate. The biscuit has no chocolate and the filling has no chocolate. What can go right? Everything. It’s nice without being chocolatey. Cannot complain.

Now, for the Malted Milk. There is a pronounced taste of malt on a slightly crunchy biscuit. It’s nice eaten just like that or dipped into tea or Milo. Just don’t dip as long as the Marie or Rich Tea biscuits. This gets soft very quickly and will break into your tea.

And finally, the Nice Biscuits. It’s crunchy and a bit hard. It has coconut flakes all over, making the texture very rough, almost like sandpaper. The taste has a hint of coconut flakes, but not too much. Coconut biscuits, if done well like the Keyles cookies, can be nice. However, this version is not very nice. The texture is not comforting and the taste is not comforting.

How ironic. The “Nice” biscuit is the most not-“Nice’ of the four.

Made in UK. Bought from Fairprice, Singapore.

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