The Haunted House / Crushed Peanut Chikki

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I walked towards the chikki stall. It was very different to the previous one. There’s just a cupboard. The stall owner approached me. “Find the chikki in the haunted cupboard and you can eat them. Four dollars per entry.”, he said.

Hmm… It looks too easy. How hard is it too find those chikki in that small cupboard? I paid four dollars. He opened the door and there was some stairs leading to a basement. Oh, I see. It may not be that easy after all.

I walked down. It was dark and eerie. It was completely quiet. The door shut behind me. Okay… This can’t be real, I told myself. I took out my phone and switched on the led light. I could see a long corridor that splits into two at the end. I walked down the corridor.

Left or right?

Well, it’s better to be right than wrong. So right it is. I walked along the corridor to the right.

Suddenly I heard footsteps walking towards me from behind. It sounded heavy and metallic. There was also the sound of metal scraping, like someone is dragging a heavy chain. I started to tremble. This is not real, but it sounds too real. I started to run down the corridor. As I ran, the footsteps also became faster. It is trying to catch me!

There was another split at the end of the corridor. I turned right and continued running, even faster. The footsteps followed in tandem and ran even faster. There was another split at the end of this corridor. These splits continued corridor after corridor and was seemingly endless.

Then after about ten minutes of running, the split ended. Finally! But it’s not good news. It was a dead end! The footsteps were closing in. Oh no!

I told myself to keep calm. Think! Think! I remembered that I was here to eat some chikki. But where are the chikki? Could it be? Well, there’s nothing to lose. The only place they could have hidden those flat pieces of chikki is in these walls. I started biting the wall at the end of the corridor.

Hmm… It’s quite hard, but with a bit of effort, it can be bitten through. Just need to use the stronger teeth at the back of the mouth. The texture is hard, chewy and sticky. It was chewy all the way through as the peanut was crushed into very small pieces that I can’t feel to much of the crunch. The taste was good, a bit sweet and a bit peanuty.

You won’t believe it but as hard as this thing is, I chewed out a hole in this chikki wall in record time. And more importantly, before the footsteps reached me. I climbed through the hole in the wall and I came out right behind the cupboard that I went into the labyrinth from.

Phew! What a lucky escape. Plus, I got to eat all those chikki! Can’t complain.

I received this as a gift from a friend who bought it from India.

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