The Tea that Ended Wars / TWG Milk Oolong

I love TWG teas. This is the latest one that I have tasted. Its called Milk Oolong from China. Huh? Am I supposed to add milk to oolong tea? This is definitely not how to drink good oolong. It will completely destroy the fragrance of the oolong. We shall see.

I brewed a cup, closed my eyes and took a sip.

I was the host of a tea party. I’ve invited the Kings and Queens of the North, East, West and South to this special party. This is no ordinary tea party. It’s a historic moment where all these warring kingdoms will sign a peace treaty. After a hundred years of war, let’s hope a peaceful era will dawn on us soon.

“For such an important event, the tea better be right.”, I told my tea master. Yes, I even hired a tea master to make sure things goes perfectly. Cannot afford for even a single drop of tea in the wrong place. “Of course Sir, the best.”, he replied. “Remember, the Queen of the South is allergic to milk. No milk for her.”, I reminded him for the hundredth time.

The day has come. The guests were seated and the tea was poured. “Let’s all have tea to start this historic meeting.”, I declared. Everyone drank their tea. Suddenly, the Queen of the South spit out her tea and shouted, “How dare you put milk in my tea! This is an assassination attempt! Guards!”.

In a split second, over twenty archers were in in the room, each one with an arrow targeted at every person in the room. Within another split second, three more groups of archers were in the room, one from each of the other kingdoms. So everyone in the room had about 3 to 4 arrows pointed at them.

I shouted, “Hold your fire! Let me check.”. I called upon my tea master and whispered to him, “I told you not to add milk to her tea!”. “I didn’t”, he replied.

He calmly walked over to the Queen of the South. Four of the archer’s arrows were tracking him as he walked. The room was silent. He then opened up the tea pot that contained the tea for the Queen of the South and showed the inside to the Queen. “Look, your majesty. There is no milk.”, he said calmly. “This variety of oolong has a natural milky taste to it. I knew you were allergic to milk and it is your lifelong dream to taste milk. I hope today, your dream would come true.”.

The Queen looked at the tea master. After a short silent, she picked up her cup and tasted the tea again. Everyone followed and tasted their tea.

Including myself. I took a sip.

Wow! It does taste like milk! The taste of the milk is a bit like the milk made from milk powder. It’s like having tea with milk but without the milk. This plays havoc to my mind because the tea looks clear like normal oolong, but there’s milk taste!?!? The taste of milk was soon followed by the fragrance and slight bitterness of oolong tea. Overall, it’s pretty amazing and completely surprising.

The Queen of the South stood up and announced, “This tea is amazing. Today, my dreams have come true! Let’s make the dream of all our people come true today.”. She signed the peace treaty immediately. This was followed by the King and Queens from the other three kingdoms. Peace on earth!

Phew! What a momentous day.

I was given this as a gift from a relative. It was most likely bought from Malaysia or Singapore.

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  2. Love your article and creativity! This is also one of my favorite TWG tea, and your article made my day!

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