Thye Moh Chan Gula Melaka Pineapple Pastry

These cube-like pineapple tarts are similar to the pineapple tarts from Taiwan. The good ones are very nice, with the pastry buttery and the pineapple slightly chewy and tangy. This one frrom Thye Moh Chan has put a twist on it by adding gula melaka. Can’t really imagine how it will turn out, but anything with gula melaka is normally nice.

I took a bite.

First it was the pastry. That was nice, very buttery and slightly flaky. A sign of quality. Looking good…

Now for the pineapple filling. It was thin. In fact, it was almost thinner than the pastry itself. Hmm… it’s ok if it’s thin but still tangy and chewy. But it was nothing like that. It was just thin, very bland and the texture was very similar to the pastry itself. So you’ll bite straight through, without getting any feeling that there was a pineapple center in it! It just felt like one big piece of biscuit/pastry without any filling.

Made in Singapore. Bought from Fairprice, Singapore. It’s quite expensive.

Oh, I almost forgot. It also mentions gula melaka. I can’t even taste the slightest hint of gula melaka! What a disappointment.

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