Thye Moh Chan Teochew Mooncake

I have not heard of Thye Moh Chan until this year. When I first tried their pineapple tarts. This sudden shot to fame made more sense when I found out that it is now part of the Breadtalk Group. With deep pockets comes massive marketing and distribution channels.

The pineapple tarts was a bit of a disappointment. So hopefully this is better. I tried the basic one first, the Salty Tau Sar with Salted Egg Yolk.

It was good. There are two layers of pastry. The centre was salty tau sar with a nice salted egg yolk. It was light and breaks apart slightly upon biting. A good break from the traditional lotus paste Cantonese style mooncakes.

Good start!

Then I tried the Sweet Tau Sar with Melon Seeds. The texture was consistent with the salty tau sar one. The melon seeds gave it a nice crunch. Good.

The Yam with Salted Egg Yolk was fairly normal. Although the texture was right, the yam was fairly bland and did not have much of a yam taste to it.

Then came the big surprise. The Yuan Yang with Salted Egg Yolk. Yuan Yang? Is this supposed to be a combo of two things? But which two. The obvious one was the combo of sweet and salted tau sar. This could be interesting. I took a bite.

Oh! What is this??!! It’s super spicy. There is a spicy pork floss center. This was completely unexpected. Why would one put spicy pork floss in the center of a mooncake? It’s so spicy! By this time, I was more interesting in reviewing a glass of tap water than mooncakes!

Few days later, I decided to give that yuan yang one another try. It may be a crazy idea but this is a crazy food club after all. So crazy combos should be given a chance. This time, the spicy pork floss did not feel as spicy as the first time. Perhaps I was caught by surprised the first time and did not prepare myself for the spiciness. This time round, I was better prepared. And it does make a bit more sense now. The spicy pork floss was a local Singapore twist. It was not really mooncake territory, but it kinda works for the more adventurous ones. I actually quite liked it.

But why call it yuan yang mooncake? No idea. Still a mystery to me.

Product of Singapore. Gift from a friend from Singapore.