Top Gourmet Kimchi

Spicy food is normally associated with cultures in warmer climate and nearer the equator. India, Central America, Sichuan in China, South East Asia and Korea. Korea? It’s always been a mystery to me why Koreans love spicy food. There is an explanation on the internet that says that Koreans eat spicy food when they are stressed or angry. When they eat spicy food, they sweat. When they sweat, their bodies cool down from the stress and anger.

This Top Gourmet Kimchi is a ready to eat Kimchi or preserved spicy cabbage. Just take it out and eat. This Kimchi is fresh and the cabbage is crunchy. It is spicy enough to be nice but not too spicy that it numbs your tongue. Just right.

Dish is originally from Korea. Made in Singapore. Bought in Fairprice, Singapore.

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