TRZ Snow Pear Dew

As good as whisky?

For this article, let’s get straight to the point: the claims on the label. For this snow pear dew drink, it makes 3 claims.

  • Finest selection of ingredients
  • Complex brewing process
  • Skillfully blended to perfection

Very big but vague claims indeed. Let’s look at it line by line.

The first one. Okay, I give it to them. Maybe they have access to a good and trusted producer of snow pear. Or maybe they have some Oompa Loompas (those dwarfs in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) selecting every single snow pear and every grain of sugar. Amazing!

The second one. I’m not sure how complex can making snow pear juice be. If you really stretch it, then the process should be: cut, add sugar, boil and blend. Is that complex? If it is, then my process of making Cup Noodles can be considered rocket science: open cup cover, tear open sachets, pour in the flavorings, boil water, pour in hot water, cover, wait, open cover.

The third one. They have left the best till the last. Skillfully blended to perfection? Are we making whisky or snow pear juice? More confusingly, if you look at the ingredients, it’s water, snow pear and sugar. How much skill do you need to blend these 3 basic ingredients? I suppose it takes years of research to determine that adding 314.1 g of sugar and 5.926 kg of snow pear into 5.359 ml of water will make the best snow pear juice. Hint: The numbers mean something.

So how good is this juice? Well, based on the 3 claims, this is probably the worst juice ever.


Well, not really.

You see, making claims that do not represent the product can backfire. If you set sky high expectations, then I expect the sky. If you tell that the process to make this is as complex as whisky, then I would compare it with whisky. When compared to whisky, this is a total failure.

Let’s look at the difference if we change the 3 claims to:

  • Basic honest ingredients
  • Traditional brewing process
  • Simple blending for natural taste

Then, this drink is actually quite good. The snow pear juice tastes a bit diluted but that is probably normal as the fruit generally contains more water than sugar. It’s not too sweet, which means less sugar added and is more healthy. On warm days, it’s a good refreshing drink.

See… much better to be honest.

I tasted this at a relative house. It was bought from one of the restaurants nearby.

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