TWG Sky Lantern Tea Mooncakes

A bit late for mooncake, but better late than never. Especially if it’s something off the beaten track. These TWG snowskin mooncake comes in a set of four flavours – Serenity, Blossom, Illumination and Pure. For us mere mortals, we would call it the yellow one, the orange one, the black one and the white one.

I got the orange one.

The lotus filling is a Houjicha infused chestnut and white lotus paste. The chestnut flavour is prominent, with a hint of Houjicha. The white lotus paste taste good. The center is not a salted egg yolk, but a blackcurrant and raspberry confit, encased in white chocolate. The fragrance and acidity of the blackcurrant and raspberry confit cuts through the heavy lotus paste nicely.

Overall, a very nice snowskin mooncake. Loved it.

Made in Singapore. Bought from TWG, Singapore.