Udders Singapore Chendol Ice Cream

Chendol is a popular dessert in South East Asia. Each country has it’s own version and they are equally unique and nice. It is natural then for an ice cream company to attempt to make an ice cream flavour out of it.

So how it this attempt by Udders?

The taste is reasonably accurate. The coconut and palm sugar is sufficiently fragrant. There are bits of chendol (the green worm-like things) in every bite. These are not that great, because they are frozen hard and slightly crunchy, instead of the slightly chewy and wriggly texture of a bowl of chendol. The ice cream itself is not creamy, but more like half ice cream and half frozen ice. I’m not sure if this is intentional to mimic the shaved ice of a bowl of chendol. But I can say that this is not to my taste. I would have preferred a creamy ice cream.

Overall, fair attempt but lots of areas to improve.

Made in Singapore using New Zealand dairy. Bought from Singapore.