Waza Sakiika Natori / Dried Soft Squid

The dried squid is a popular snack in East and South-East Asia. It is normally chewy and has a relative strong fishy taste to it. Some variations in South-East Asia is spicy and some are glazed with a sticky coating of caramel.

This is the Japanese variety, which is slightly less chewy and more bland. Well, that’s an understatement because it’s really not chewy at all and had almost no taste to it. It’s so bland and non-fishy that for me, it somehow taste quite odd and weird. It’s a bit like drinking over-diluted cordial where there’s a slight hint of the sweetness, but because it’s so diluted, it actually tastes bad.

I guess taste is a subjective thing. Because the only reason I bought this was because someone told me it was very nice.

Product of Japan. Bought from Don Don Donki, Singapore.

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