Wen Chang Chicken

The famous Singapore Hainanese chicken rice is said to be inspired by the Wen Chang chicken from Hainan, China. Wen Chang chicken is actually not a dish, but a breed of chicken that is famous in Hainan. The cooking style of the Singapore chicken rice is said to be based on the Hainan way of cooking, but perfected and fusion-ed with Cantonese techniques in Singapore and Malaysia.

So this is quite a flashback moment for me. The chance to try out the roots of a famous dish.

Inside the box, the chicken is wrapped in lotus leaf. It needs to be steamed before serving. When I took the chicken or of the steamer and opened up the lotus leaf, the fragrance of the lotus leaf was amazing. The lotus leaf from Hainan is so fragrant!

Now to try the chicken. The smell of the lotus leaf is very prominent in the chicken. However, the taste of the chicken was normal. The texture of the meat was dry. Not very nice. I suspect keeping the chicken in a packaged box has spoilt both the taste and texture. The fresh chicken that I had in Hainan was way better.

I bought this from Hainan, China.

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