What to Play with your Dog / M&S Sugar Palmiers

These palmiers are normally found in a bakery and sold fresh. So when I saw this is a packaged box, I wonder if it was going to be as nice. As it’s from M&S, which generally makes pretty decent food, I decided give it a try.

I took one of the ‘boomerang’ palmiers, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I was playing throw and fetch, where a human throws something and the dog fetches. Instead of a ball or boomerang, we used sugar palmiers to make it more rewarding (for the dog). Oh, one small but very important point: I am the dog.

Oh, here goes… My human owner has taken a palmier out of her bag. She throws it towards the empty field. I ran as fast as my four legs can take me. Looked up, aimed and jumped up to catch the palmier with my jaws.

Got it! The nice things with using food is that I can eat it immediately. Crunch! Wow, this is very crunchy! The palmiers that is found in bakeries are softer and is more similar to croissant, but slightly crispier. Not these. These are more similar to biscuits and I love it! There is a strong but not overwhelming taste of spices, mostly cinnamon. And it’s just slightly sweet, just right.

Very nice! Can’t wait for the next one. Wait… What is my human doing? She’s throwing it but she’s also catching it with her mouth and eating it. In fact, she’s enjoying it so much that she’s eaten everything! Oh no, nothing left for me!?

She came over, petted me and said, “There’s a strong taste of spices. I don’t think dogs will like it. C’mon baby, I’ll get you something else, like a bone.”


I bought this using my own money from Marks and Spencer’s, Singapore.

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